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Editor's blog 26th January 2009: Credit on the cards - to PFI for?

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01/26/2009 - 00:21

The laws of economic gravity are like hemlines: in and out of fashion. BBC News has another leak from the Conservative Party ( that the credit crunch might affect future NHS PFI schemes.

No shit, Sherlock. You mean banks aren't lending money to people?

Guest editorial 21st January 2009: The health policy impact of the EU’s new Presidency

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01/21/2009 - 17:50

This guest editorial from Helen Disney, director of the Stockholm Network, considers the likely impact of the EU’s new six-month Czech Presidency

Despite not being a ‘core competency’ of the European Union, health policy has nevertheless risen up the political agenda in Brussels in the last few years. So, as we kick off a new six-month period, with the EU Presidency being overseen by the Czech Republic, what is on the cards when it comes to healthcare?

Editor's blog 20th January 2009: A true story - good wishes, please

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01/20/2009 - 09:19

Good morning. We have new Health Policy Today from Tom Smith (, and I hope to write a longer instalment later today, but for now, a brief message.

Please cross your fingers (or whatever you do to bring good luck and success) today for Professor Martin Elliott of Great Ormond Street Hospital and for Ben Bowman and family.

Editor's blog 19th January 2009: Unhappy about Blue Monday, and personal budgets deferred

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01/19/2009 - 18:04

I am officially not happy about Blue Monday.

Not the New Order song, which I like very much. No, the media bullshit Blue Monday.

According to BBC News in 2005, the most depressing day of the year is 24th January. They cited "Dr Cliff Arnalls" - but mis-spelled his surname, which is Arnall. A minor error - I'm a typo monarch myself.

Editor's blog 15th January 2009: Safer surgery straightforward

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01/15/2009 - 09:40

Not that I want to seem didactic or anything, but you need to go here - - and read it. You can get the checklist here -

Atul Gawande, author of the phenomenally good Better: a surgeon's notes on performance (, has been involved with this project.

Editor's blog 14th January 2009: Transform over content?

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01/14/2009 - 12:11

Good morning. You will probably already have seen the DH’s new Transforming community services: enabling new patterns of provision (, which emphasises “quality and enabling transformational change”.

Editor’s blog 13th January 2009: A right, righteous bollocking

Publish Date/Time: 
01/13/2009 - 16:14

Stop whatever you are doing now (yes, even reading something I write);
go here (;
and download the House of Commons Health Select Committee’s NHS Next Stage Review report.

It is one of the best reviews of policy since the Committee’s work on MTAS / MMC.

Editor's blog 12th January 2009: Thoroughly modernising Milly

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01/13/2009 - 00:18

First of all, a warm welcome back to Tom Smith. Health Policy Today is back for its 2009 run, and can be found here.

And moving swiftly on to the news of a surprising return to front-line policy for former Health Secretary Alan Milburn.

” Modern politics, it seems to me, should be a two-way process where there is more dialogue and less monologue.”
Alan Milburn MP, on

Guest blog 9th January 2009: Who is looking after the NHS brand?

Publish Date/Time: 
01/09/2009 - 18:20

It’s great that primary care trusts have been busy rebranding. My local PCT has now become NHS Suffolk, which is slightly more likely to mean something to people.

Let’s face it, the concept of a primary care trust didn’t. Few outside the NHS can explain the difference between primary and secondary care. If you don’t believe me, the next time you are on a bus or train, ask the person nearest you whether a brain surgeon works in primary or secondary care.

World-class commissioning, or emplying the bins?

Editor's blog 9th January 2009: The shock of the familiar, and a welcome guest

Publish Date/Time: 
01/09/2009 - 18:07

The policy points of the day are both sadly familiar ones. Firstly, the Conservatives have availed themselves of the open goal of mixed-sex wards (see

On mixed sex wards, BBC News report that the Tories' FOI requests found that of 132 responding hospitals, 15% still used at least one open-plan, mixed-sex ward, and others had curtains dividing the sexes (despite DH advice that solid full-height partitions should be used).

When we dead aWakefield (obscure Ibsen pun)

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