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Editor's blog 9th October 2008: many a true word ...

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10/09/2008 - 08:47

This prophecy thing is a bit worrying. I was being slightly tongue-in-cheek when I posted on Tuesday about the possibility of NHS institutions losing money in the Icelandic banking crash.

Well, the NHS is certainly going to be affected, because it looks as if local councils have taken a bath. This has obvious implications for social care, and joint working under the new joint strategic needs assessments.

Editor's blog 7th October 2008: a quick icy thought on banking

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10/07/2008 - 13:22

Just come from the Wellcome Trust's fascinating exhibitions, and arrived to see the global financial turmoil cointinuing apace.

Just a very quick thought about IceSave - do you think any SHAs have put their money there?

Editor's blog 6th October 2008: new Hope for health

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10/06/2008 - 08:27

Just when I was thinking my powers of prophecy might be waning (see the second paragraph of this), my not-very-difficult deduction that Ivan Lewis was off proved correct. Lewis has been sent by Gordon Brown to International Development - a slightly sadistic form of gardening leave.

Thanks to Martin Rathfelder of the Socialist Health Association for sending me this link to a magnificently appropriate photo of Ivan Lewis.

Editor's blog 3rd October 2008: liquidity or solvency?

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10/03/2008 - 05:49

Today we will see whether Gordon Brown is better than his predecessor at cabinet reshuffles. It will not be hard: Tony Blair's reshuffles were startlingly clumsy and leaky.

For health, the hope must be for steady-as-she-goes, apart from the probably-doomed Ivan Lewis, whose pre-conference comments on Labour's need for leadership were miraculously followed by the leaking to the press of an old story about Lewis's inappropriately hassling a DH civil servant with romantic intent. Whoever might have been behind that?

Editor's blog 1st October 2008: David Cameron, socialist Conservative?

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10/01/2008 - 19:33

“The central task I have set myself and this Party is to be as radical in social reform as Margaret Thatcher was in economic reform” – David Cameron, Conservative Party conference, 1 October 2008

Over the past generation, no Conservative politician since Michael Heseltine has had the electorate’s serious scrutiny as ‘probable next Prime Minister’.

As Thatcher’s assassin, of course, the crown would never be Hezza’s.

Editor's Blog 1st October 2008: Bankrolling the attacks on NICE

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10/01/2008 - 09:32

Good morning. Story of the day looks very much like The Independent's piece highlighting the pharmaceutical industry's bankrolling of many of the patient charities that have run prominent campaigns against NICE decisions about recommending new drugs for NHS availability.

Editor's Blog 29th September 2008: Conservative Party Conference 2008 - Andrew Lansley, the hair apparent

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09/29/2008 - 23:43

Something has happened to Andrew Lansley’s hair. The shadow health secretary’s barnet is looking distinctively … different. Now as regards a discussion of male grooming (albeit the sinister connotations that have accrued around that phrase mean that I shall not be using it again) – a discussion of male preening, let’s say, I am not your ‘go-to’ person This much is obvious if you have ever met me. Or even seen a photograph.

Editor's blog 28th September 2008: consultant competence, Conservative currency and Caledonian climate

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09/29/2008 - 09:11

Good morning. Today we have new Maynard Doctrine on the charged topic of managing poor performance by consultants and on the 'featherbedded' retirement deals of senior managers.

'The case here is not that incompetent consultants are widespread in the NHS; but that there is likely to be a normal distribution curve of performance in the profession. Current systems to address poor performance do not, in Maynard's opinion and experience, work well and are expensive if 'gardening leave' is involved.'

Editor’s blog 25th September 2008 – Labour policy and a Crisp rejoinder to top-ups

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09/24/2008 - 23:34

So, what do we have in health policy terms from the last few days, during which the Labour Party has had its conference?

First things first: we still have Gordon Brown in Number 10 Downing Street. This was by no means a foregone conclusion even a week ago. Synchronised resignations within Labour (maybe an event for the 2012 Olympics?), and dismal poll ratings and a hostile media without, had Kircaldy’s favourite son looking like a distinctly sub-prime minister.

Editor's blog 18th September 2008: thoroughly modern Milly?

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09/18/2008 - 05:50

Just when you were thinking that nostalgia isn't what it used to be (oil price spike; credit tightening; house prices off a cliff; unemployment and inflation rising - let's party like it's 1974 / 1981 / 1991!), some great news breaks.

The Quiff Of Doom is back.

And he's using the word "change" (copyright Barrack Obama) a lot.

In fact by the look of this, policy-wise Alan Milburn has joined the Lib Dems .

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